Creative Director Hussain Husain explains his definition of success in an agency

Posted by | May 03, 2014 | H2M | One Comment

Co-Founder and Creative Director Hussain Husain shares with us his definition of success in the agency life.

One of the interesting aspects, is that he defines success purely as reaching his clients objectives, and seeing them successful.

He further more states that you need to be selfish yet selfless.  What he means by this is that you should be selfish enough to take pride in what your produce, yet selfless enough that you are doing it purely to reach your clients objectives, and not for the monetary aspect.

At H2M relationships are considered long term, and we like to pick clients that have a mutual understanding and passion for the work that needs to be delivered.

  • Ghadoor Just

    i liked this! seems a great company with great staff .. hope to work with such a company in the future

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