Making amazing websites is our thing

H2M has a core competency in designing and developing quality websites.  We build creative, unique and tailor made websites for our clients, and pride ourselves with our in depth design and development abilities.

Every website made by H2M is unique, and goes through a rigorous process of planning, design, development, quality testing and deployment.

No matter how simple or complex your project is, H2M can deliver the ultimate web solution.  As a marketing agency, we always go the extra step of advising and consulting for the best approach to make your website work for your business objectives.

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Don’t settle for anything less then the best looking and functional app 

We love making apps, but more importantly, we love making great looking and functional apps.  We are tired of seeing those simple boring and plain apps, that take a great concept and present it in a poor fashion therefore underselling your services.

H2M will design and develop your app for success.  Whether your looking for an IOS or Android app, Tablet or mobile app, we can help you bring your app to market.

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Your identity is much more then just a logo, and attributes heavily to your success

Are you looking to create a new brand, or revamp your current business identity?  This is what we love to do the most!

The H2M team will take you through a consultation process to establish what your business and brand is about, your values, and how you would like others to perceive you, before we even begin the branding process.

Branding is soo much more then just a logo, but don’t get us wrong, we love designing a great logo too!


There is absolutely nothing more we love then creating a memorable advertising campaign.  As a marketing agency we are tempted to create super creative and artistic adverts, but we also understand that your advertising needs to get a return on investment, and needs to communicate your message strongly.

We can assist with all types of advertising campaigns, be it online digital campaigns, online ads, or offline printed press ads and outdoor adverts.  This includes lamp posts, billboards, mopes and even digital video screen advertising campaigns.


H2M provides full photography services, for all types of uses.  Whether you need to shoot a full menu, a creative advert, or any other photographic needs you may have.

We will even source the models for your photoshoots, and do all the post-editing of your images, ,most importantly our prices are very competitive.


Do you have a great idea, but need help to make it a reality?

Let us help you with your concept development, where we take your idea, build on it and develop every aspect of your business concept.  This includes, the branding, the communication strategy, the packaging, the sales strategy, how to get your product to market and a lot more.  You just need to approach us with a idea, and leave the rest to us.